You’ve Found An Interesting Person Via Online Dating – Now What?

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There are quite a few reasons why nowadays online dating is so much more popular than its traditional counterpart. It’s more efficient, it’s usually free (or at least much, much cheaper), and it’s less time-consuming.

However, certain aspects of conventional dating still exist on online dating sites and can’t be avoided. Although rejection might still be the scariest, there’s always the problem of making that first step. That’s why today we’ll talk about what to do when you find someone interesting on an online dating site.

Don’t Jump The Gun With Your First Message

The most common mistake people make on dating sites is sending poorly thought-out messages to everyone they find worthy of their attention as soon as they stumble upon them. This results in a big, fat “no” in 99% of the cases, while being completely ignored isn’t uncommon either.

This can make your dating service experience quite frustrating and even confusing. But fear not, as we’re here to help you out with establishing initial connection.

Let’s make one thing very clear here: first impressions are very important in the world of online dating.

Much like in the real world, there are a lot of ways you can obliterate your chances of success before you’ve even started talking to the person, which is obviously something you shouldn’t do.

The problem with initiating contact on dating sites lies in the fact that there is so much more information involved in each and every process than in traditional dating. This means that others have more material to judge you by, which may in turn boost your chances at being rejected.

But things are not all that grim, as there are ways you can ensure your messages will be read and responded to. Keep reading to find out what to do.

Try To Come Across As Intelligent & Intriguing

The first and foremost thing you need to triple-check before initiating any sort of contact on online dating sites is proper spelling. Even a membership to the best dating site in the world won’t help if you fail at using proper English, and believe us when we say this is a big turn down to both men and women.

Now that you know you shouldn’t come off as an illiterate, let’s see how exactly that first message should look like. If there’s anything you want to achieve here, it’s having your target’s full attention, and there’s no better way to do that than by being unique.

This especially applies to men, since women are largely outnumbered on dating sites. Make sure you stand out from the crowd of guys who can only type a simple “hi” or “ur hawt” by saying something unique and intriguing that will make a girl interested in what you have to say.

Your extraordinary first message should also give off an impression of confidence and curiosity.

The person you’re contacting has to know that you’re interested in them, but not to a point where you seem desperate. Finding balance between these two things holds the key to success.

If everything goes to plan, you’ll quickly end up exchanging messages with your person of interest. While this is going on, make sure to ask them important questions about themselves, while bragging for just a tiniest bit about your accomplishments and talents along the way.

This will set up a good connection and will give you both some insight into what the other person is actually like and if it matches what they said on their profile.

And the rest is history, waiting to be written…