Ways To Beat Online Dating Depression In India

Online Dating Depression

Online dating may be just as stressful as real-life dating, according to many studies. However, unlike with oldfashioned romance, dating online shouldn’t be regarded as dangerous to one’s mental health.

However, the issue of online dating depression is just as real.

Although it is considered to be less stressful and intimidating, online dating (with all of its ups and downs) tags a whole array of emotions along with it.

It’s always frustrating when you don’t get a match with someone who you feel is your type, while the possibility of someone ignoring you always hangs around in the online ether. Yet, online dating can give you a lot of insight into who you are as a person and what you really want from a relationship. That’s why you should give it a try and not discard the option as soon as you hit an obstacle.

Luckily for all of you online daters in India, there are a few easy ways of how to battle online dating depression.

Taking Away The Pressure

Not everyone you get along with is a potential ideal romantic match for you. Some people are just meant to be your friends.

It’s pretty easy to fall into the “wishful pit” of online dating after exchanging a few messages with someone you like. You might like the same things, you might quote the same movies, and you might even fall for each other thanks to all of those witty conversations. Alas, you won’t know anything for certain until you meet that person in the real world.

When you first meet someone live, chemistry either sparks or it doesn’t. You can’t fake it, force it, or (on the other hand) hide it – either way, you’ll know definitely whether someone is truly a potential perfect match for you.

If the spark doesn’t happen, you shouldn’t be discouraged and depressed – as mention above, some people are meant to be your friends, not lovers. Don’t get caught up in the romance and think straight off the bat that someone “might be the one.”

Choose a better mantra which won’t cause you depression if everything doesn’t go as planned – “this will be fun.”

Have No Expectations

Take things down a notch and go into the whole online dating game with little to no expectations. That way you can’t really get disappointed, can you?

If you do find yourself absolutely discouraged by unrequited interests and ignored messages, take some time to really calm down and breathe. If needed, spend a few days off the online dating site or app of your choice.

Spend more time with friends, go to parties, and visit your family. That way, when you return to the dating service you prefer, you’ll be reenergized and reconnected with the things that truly matter in life (and unrequited online romances do not fall into that category).

Remember What Dating Stands For

Until you get to know someone and you both agree that you want to spend time together, you’re not really dating. You need to know with whom you’ll be spending time with before you actually dedicate your precious time to that person.

Try to connect to someone and see what that person is all about before agreeing on meeting them.

After all, online dating is just another path to love, not love itself.