Top Influence Factors In Choosing A Partner In An Arranged Marriage Setup

arranged marriage

The common misconception related to arranged marriage is that only the parents of the two families have their say in it. Most people think that parents are the one who arbitrarily decide on all the terms of that marriage, and that no one is “thinking about the kids”. While this is might be true in some regions, a huge number of arranged marriages actually aren’t so arbitrary at all.

Most Indian families are aware of how important love is and they know marriage is not just about technicalities. They know, that even though it is “arranged”, a lifelong commitment is not to be taken too lightly. Even the most hard-core traditional arranged marriages are usually not so ruthless and fierce. However, certain rules must be followed and some factors are not to be omitted.

Most Important Factors In An Arranged Marriage

Since the actual definition of an arranged marriage is “a marriage that is established before a lengthy relationship, a type of marital union where the bride and groom are selected by their families rather than by each other”, one can say that, in a sense, arranged marriage is the opposite of a love marriage. However, it is important to mention that nowadays, the extent to which the parents are involved in the process of an arranged marriage can vary.

When it comes to the influence factors in choosing an arranged marriage partner, families tend to look at the big picture, and the parents are much more analytical. In most Western societies, physical attraction is what usually plays a huge part in choosing a partner, there’s no use denying that, but in Eastern cultures people pay more attention to reputation, religion, wealth and caste. Let’s go over some of the top influence factors in this marital setup. If you are bound to this kind of arrangement, these are the factors to look out for:

Reputation – Perhaps the most important factor is the reputation of the opposite family. Social status is of great importance in Eastern cultures and can often be the key in “closing the deal” (so to say).

Family Wealth – In a modern world, eastern or western, money plays a huge role. Every parent would like their child (or children) to live a carefree and prosperous life. Where there’s money, there’s love, right?

Religion – Religion is still something that is vital. People simply prefer to marry in their own religion and to continue to cherish their own values and customs. Converting to a new religion is still an option, but it rarely happens.

Caste – Although inter-caste marriages do happen in recent years, in many regions caste is still of utmost importance in an arranged marriage setup.

Vocation – Much like family wealth, occupation is also crucial for the arrangement. It’s all about having a secure and carefree future.

Appearance – Yes, appearance is one of the main factors, contrary to popular belief. Height and color are the main traits to consider.

Horoscope – In some cases bride and groom must be a match when it comes to zodiac signs. Only then are they in for a perfect marriage.

Meeting all these standards sounds pretty impossible, right? But don’t worry, Mr. or Mrs. Right is indeed out there for you. Waiting and hoping. But patience is a virtue and it pays off in the end. (If we failed to mention some other factors that influence arranged marriage in India, make sure you mention them in the comments section.)