Top 3 Mistakes Indians Make On Online Dating Sites

Online Dating Sites

Online dating, much like dating in person, has a specific etiquette. However, some people are bluntly unaware of this and they continue to search for love on various online dating sites with complete cluelessness which doesn’t lead them anywhere.

Indians are a nation that loves to love, and they don’t rest until they’ve found it. However, when it comes to online dating and finding love in today’s day and age, they have not yet adapted fully to this type of romantic courtship.

Alas, online dating etiquette doesn’t have to be a complicated thing. By knowing these top 3 mistakes that Indians make on online dating sites, every person in India can master the online courtship game and find love easily.

Let’s see what not to do on dating sites.

Acting Creepy

If you’re looking for more than just casual dating and hook ups, acting like a creepy guy who seems to only want bedroom action is not the right path to take. Just because a woman in on an online dating site, doesn’t mean she’s not looking for something serious (and vice versa).

Therefore, bringing sex into the conversation and anything related to this subject is not the right thing to do. Would you approach someone in a coffee shop and ask them bluntly whether they want to get down and dirty with you right then and there? Probably (and hopefully) not.

So, you shouldn’t do the same on dating sites either. Don’t be that creepy guy. Women predominately get a lot of messages like this and they’re not keen on responding positively to them.

If you’re looking for something casual, use dating sites that are specifically designed for that – for people who are looking for the same thing as you are. Also, respect the rules of the site and don’t be creepy there either.

Ignoring Deal-Breakers

The majority of people list deal-breakers on their profile, and they do it for a reason. If you don’t fit into someone’s perception of their ideal partner, don’t try to prove to them that you do, or even worse, pretend that you do.

Don’t ignore someone’s deal-breaker just because you like the way they look. Good looks are not a guarantee for a successful relationship so pay attention to what do people want and what they don’t want.

Don’t force it.

If deal-breakers are not immediately listed on someone’s profile, don’t try to get the info out for them. This sort of thing pops up in the conversation naturally, and it will become clear to both of you whether you’re right for each other. As time goes on, the relationship progresses so you’ll end up talking about these personal topics eventually.

Not Accepting Rejection

This is, by far, the biggest mistake you can make. Don’t get nasty because someone rejected you, and if you’re about to reject someone, respond politely and say that you’re not interested. No one likes to stare at an empty inbox, but no one likes to get name-called just because they don’t like you back, either.

Don’t be that kind of person.

Rejection happens, online or in real life, and you can’t control that and make everyone like you (just as someone can’t make you like them). However, you can control how you react. Don’t take rejection personally and don’t let it get to you.

Put yourself in other people’s shoes even while dating online. You don’t know what other people go though in life, what their worlds looks like, nor what they’re looking for.