What Does The Perfect Potential Indian Wife Look Like? (Part 1)

Indian wife[bigstock]

Although the “perfect wife” and “perfect husband” are usually pretty subjective and overall unattainable ideas, we all still strive to find that special someone who has at least some of the qualities we find necessary in order to establish a healthy long-term relationship.

When it comes to the people of India, they have pre-designed thoughts of what does a perfect spouse look like, how does he/she act, and what kind of character he or she must have. And this is where things get slightly messy, mostly because India is a country in transition.

In the midst of trying to incorporate old traditional values into modern life (and vice versa), India is also trying to shed some of its “wrongful” ways like western women try to shed a couple of pounds before the bikini season.

As some things stick forever, India still has preconceived notions about beauty, specifically when it comes to women.

According to Indian values and beauty standards, in order to be considered good-looking, Indian women must have a specific look.

Let’s delve into details.

The Hourglass Figure

The ideal body frame according to Indian standards is the hourglass figure. The perfect body is tall (but not drastically), slim (but not willowy), has a narrow waist, and ample hips and breasts (which of course suggests fertility).

Unlike some other beauty standards of India, the ideal body pretty much fits into the western idea of the perfect figure.

Almond-Shaped Eyes

Although many would argue that all eye shapes are beautiful in their own way, almond-shaped eyes are considered to be the most beautiful ones, especially in India.

Generally, women who have eyes on the smaller end of the spectrum are not thought of as a particularly beautiful.

The issue with eyes doesn’t end with eye shape. As the vast majority of Indians have brown eyes, light-colored eyes are more valued. Not only that, but the contrast they create when paired up with dark hair and a darker skin tone is the sign of utmost beauty in India.

The Nose

Indian men like women who have straight, sharp noses. The nose issue becomes even more prominent when you take a look at the case of Aishwarya Rai, a world-known Indian actress and Miss World.

Notably this gorgeous girl is actually not that perfect in the eyes of her own nation, due to her nose. Although it works very well for her, India’s take on Rai is that she would be perfect if she had a sharp and straight nose, instead of her slightly curvy one.

This only goes to show that beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder!