What Does The Perfect Potential Indian Wife Look Like? (Part 2)

perfect Indian wife[bigstock]

Although the “perfect wife” and “perfect husband” are usually pretty subjective and overall unattainable ideas, we all still strive to find that special someone who has at least some of the qualities we find necessary in order to establish a healthy long-term relationship.

Beauty and the beauty ideology are thought of as one of those necessary qualities.

As all nations, the people of India also have a specific beauty ideology and a defined list of features that constitute a perfect woman. Apparently, no region in the world is safe from the constrictions of a defined beauty standard, no matter how much efforts it puts onto expressing the importance of having a beautiful soul.

But what makes a beautiful woman in India?

Full Lips

Who doesn’t like a good smack on the lips, especially when it comes from someone with a fuller smooch tool?

Beauty standards across the whole world value full lips, and India is not an exception. A symbol of sexuality and fertility, full lips basically guarantee that someone is a good kisser, and that’s definitely something that Indian men care for when choosing a wife.

The Hair

As long as you have hair, you have good hair, right? Well that’s not the case, at least not if India has any say in the matter. The idea of a perfect wife always comes with a visualization of a long, thick, rich black mane on the woman’s head.

Not only is it considered to be a sign of true beauty, but thick black hair is also considered to be a sign of good health.

A Hairless Body

No body is hairless, however, beauty standard all over the world dictate that a woman is not thought of as beautiful unless she has a hairless fleshy vehicle for her soul. India is no exception.

Females all over the planet meticulously get rid of their “excess body hair” (everything that’s bellow the head level has to go, basically) and if they want to be considered beautiful and eligible for marriage, Indian women too have to meet these expectations.

This issue is rooted deep into the Indian culture, as ancient poetry often speaks of the mesmerizing beauty of a women “without down.”

Fair Skin

Much like in every other race that’s not Caucasian, a lighter skin tone is considered to be more beautiful than a darker one. This issue continues to cause much controversy, as it’s not rare that people (mostly females) lighten their skin with skin bleach.

The fact that someone is valued as more beautiful just because they were born with lighter skin is horrid enough, especially when combined with the massive psychological and physical effects of this ideology.

And while people of color harm themselves by making their skin lighter, white folk do the same by making their skin darker.

This only proves that “beauty ideals” should be a thing of the past, and that we should all, as a human race, finally acknowledge the fact that we’re all beautiful. And of course, if searching for perfection, we should first aim to find it within ourselves – true beauty and perfection lies in our souls.