Online Dating In Kerala: Here’s What Your Profile Should Look Like


No one can argue with the fact that online dating has become one of the primary forms of finding a partner in these modern times. Not only that, but it also threatens to become bigger and more popular than traditional dating.
There are many reasons for this:

It’s more efficient, it requires less effort and resources, and it gives people the opportunity to meet other single individuals from their area as well as from around the world.

However, we wanted to concentrate on the current epicenter of all online dating sites. We’re talking about India, or better yet, the state of Kerala.

There are many websites to choose from here, as well as paths to take once you pick one out. In that name, here are a couple of tips and tricks on how to create the best possible online dating profile.

The Do’s And Don’ts

A lot of people will say your profile on an online dating site is about 50% responsible for your chances at finding a good match. And guess what – they are right.

The guidelines we’re about to share with you can be applied to nearly any dating service in any area, but are best suited for all of you who live in Thiruvananthapuram, Kochi, Thrissur, or any other city in Kerala.

First of all, try to avoid the clichés.

Describing yourself as someone who likes “taking long walks on the beach” or “relaxing by the fireplace with a glass of wine” won’t only give off a generic and boring vibe, but it may also indicate that you can’t express yourself or – even worse – that you’re a scammer.

Instead of doing this, try to put in stuff that can intrigue someone but won’t reveal too much right off the bat. Sentences such as “I’ve yet to meet a mountain trail I didn’t want to climb” aren’t only a perfect way to do this, but can also serve as great conversation starters later on.

Next up is honesty.

We can’t stress how important this is on online dating sites (and in life in general). Simply put, if you don’t want to meet a person who claims they are something they’re not, don’t do it to others.

Being frank and straight while describing yourself on a dating profile will ensure you attract exactly the type of potential partners who could value you, instead of drawing in all the wrong people.

More Than A Thousand Words

Another big part of any proper online dating profile is the photo. It’s the first thing that catches someone’s eye and ultimately serves as the only example of how you look like to others before you actually meet them.

This next part can be separated into two gender-specific sections. If you’re a woman, you should make sure you come off as attractive and outgoing as possible, right?

Although this is true for the most part, most ladies have the wrong idea when it comes to uploading a profile pic for an online dating site. They try so hard to attract men that they often show too much skin in their photos, which only brings the wrong kind of attention.

Instead, take a fresh photo of yourself smiling and without an accent on your sex appeal. As far as men go, if you’re unsure what your profile pic should look like, ask a friend to take a snap of you playing the guitar or doing some other fun activity.

Bottom line, setting up a good online dating website profile comes down to being interesting, honest, and fun.

Even the best dating sites can’t help you if you don’t present yourself with these attributes, so take it step-by-step until you fulfill all conditions – we promise it will be worth it.