Online Dating – The Global Phenomenon That Touched Punjab


Over the years, India has become the leading country when it comes to online dating. Thousands and thousands of various, well-organized websites and dating platforms are completely changing the dating game in this exotic country.

The case is no different in the beautiful and prosperous region of Punjab. This place is rich and beautiful in many ways, but the best quality of Punjab are the people. The most obvious reason why online dating is so popular there is the fact that more than 75% of people in this region are literate.

That is an extremely high percentage and the good people of Punjab should definitely be proud of these numbers.

There are over 27 million people in this part of India and most of them are living in well-organized, modern, and developed cities, so it’s perfectly normal and expected that most of those people have high computer knowledge and internet access. All of these conditions are allowing them to fully experience the great and big world of internet dating.

Punjab may be one of the leading regions when it comes to online dating in India, but generally, the whole country has accepted this form of dating as the most profitable. Over the years, India was known especially for the custom of arranged marriages and nowadays, online dating is slowly becoming the most common option when it comes to match-making.

Is Online Dating Better Than Real-Life Dating In Punjab?

First of all, we can all agree that online dating sites and apps offer countless opportunities that conventional dating simply can’t match. It doesn’t matter how socially active you are, it’s is simply impossible to know thousands of people that can potentially be your possible perfect match.

Online dating sites offer exactly that – thousands and thousands of eligible individuals who are open and ready to casually talk to you and possibly meet you in person.

People of Punjab prefer online dating simply because they can search for very specific types of people and they can easily find exactly what they’re looking for. No one has that kind of advantage while searching for a match via the old-fashioned type of dating.

Economical & User Friendly

One of the most important reasons is certainly the financial factor. It’s much cheaper to look for a perfect match on an online dating site than going out on countless first and blind dates in restaurants and coffee places.

Another great reason is the fact that you can always make a good first impression when dating online. If you get nervous, you can just take a few minutes or hours in order to compose the perfect message and send it.

This is extremely handy as it gives you more chance of success than when you’re awkwardly standing in front of the person you like not knowing what to say next.