Is ‘Online Dating Addiction’ Real In India?

Online dating addiction

Online dating addiction is absolutely real in India, although the word ‘addiction’ is used lightly here.

As technology has helped us get so many things done and move along faster, it’s no wonder it’s also present in the dating lives of many single Indian people. From apps to online dating sites, meeting someone new has never been easier.

For those who are online 24/7 checking their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram accounts all the time, it’s super easy to get addicted to other sites as well.

Enter online dating sites.

Addiction and Online Dating Sites in India

Online dating sites in India provide the users with the opportunity to meet people they would otherwise never meet, coupled with a beaten path to a first date.

Connect with someone, start chatting, and set up a date. The world of online dating is basically like paradise for people who like new encounters that could potentially lead to something huge, such as in this case marriage.

However, the danger lurks around every corner because the online dating game quickly sucks the users in and addiction is unavoidable.

Online dating sites provide instant gratification when the users see someone’s replied to their message, agreed to a date or sent a flirt. Going in for more turns into obsessive behaviour that can lead to addiction.

Warning Signs

Members of online dating sites all over India find themselves checking the site as soon as they wake up, during any free time at work, while walking down the street and, obviously, right before they go to bed.

There is the inevitable texting neck and a sore texting thumb, both of which eventually start to hurt or at least lead to mild discomfort.

Thoughts that characterize online dating addiction in India revolve around trying to get a date every night of the week simply because the more dates are set the better the chance of settling down and starting a family.

Individuals addicted to online dating sites also believe that the internet is far more enticing than trying to go out into the real world and meet new people.

When using multiple online dating sites the odds of developing a full-blown addiction or any of its signs increase substantially, and it should be noted that most users sign up for more than one internet dating site.

The hype is definitely real! But what do you do if you want to quit?

Cold Turkey Is The Way To Go

Most people who rely heavily on technology have at some point experienced the signs of internet addiction. Also, those who were able to recognize such signs were much more likely to kick the addiction to the curb.

The principles of battling online dating addiction are pretty similar to fighting any other type of internet addiction, and quitting cold turkey is certainly the best way to go.

Users who experience the signs are advised to cancel their memberships, block certain sites that lead to addiction and substantially reduce their time online.

In more extreme cases quitting the internet altogether except for school or work is the only option that produces any results. Luckily, the internet abstinence doesn’t have to last for long as most people can go back online after a few months of being offline without the risk of relapsing.

All in all – the trick is to simply be moderate and use these great online dating tools wisely.