Marriage Material: Which Qualities Indians Look For In A Perfect Spouse?

perfect spouse

Marriage in India has seen some rocky influences that are trying to make it more modern than tradition would allow.

Throw online dating into the mix, and you’ll get a real clash of the generations and a shift in values that is not going to be smooth.

Online dating may not be to everyone’s liking, but it sure has its benefits when it comes to matching Indians with their perfect spouses. Traditional dating, provided that arranged marriage is off the table, takes lots of time and effort, and it may end in disappointment.

That’s where online dating comes in to save the day with its compatible matching that does half the job for you.

But what exactly are Indians looking for on online dating sites as they search for a perfect spouse? Let’s take a closer look at the most desirable traits in India.

Trait #1: Nice Manners

Having a well-raised spouse with nice manners not only makes everyday life easier, but it is also very useful when it comes to raising children one day.

Children are raised by example, and if the parents provide positive examples their children are more likely to grow up into highly functional individuals.

Nice manners also ensure a stable relationship that isn’t as rocky as those where people are too hot-tempered and hard-headed to understand each other and enjoy the simple things life has to offer.

Last but not least, a spouse like this will not raise any eyebrows in the community, and is highly likely to be accepted by the friends and family as suitable.

Trait #2: Compatible Personality

Indians appreciate a spouse with compatible personality traits, which eliminates the possibility of clashing and fighting over little things that can turn into a nightmare.

For instance, many hardworking Indians will look for an ambitious spouse who will not complain about them working late or spending most of the time outside the house.

Cricket lovers, for instance, definitely prefer a partner who shares the same interest for several reasons. First, Indian men appreciate it if their women watch cricket for the game, and not the cute players, and second, if she’s a true fan she’s less likely to complain about all the time spent on watching cricket.

Like anyone else, Indians definitely like their partners to have opinions, tastes and views, but also highly value compatibility and practicality of living with someone who appreciates and understands their personality.

Trait #3: Living In The Now

Many Indians want educated, ambitious spouses living in the now. Watching the news, following world events and being informed is highly desirable among young Indians looking for a partner.

Spending all day online and reading the latest developments from around the globe is a tad excessive, but being aware of the major events in India and abroad makes the person more appealing to Indian singletons.

Sounding lame or disinterested is not a popular trait, so a desirable potential spouse should have intermediate knowledge about the topics that are frequently discussed.