How To Impress A Girl On A Dating Site

Dating Site

The time of traditional dating is slowly passing and online dating is taking over the world, so in order to be successful “online dater”, you’ll need to know how to impress a girl you like.

Online dating offers a number of new and various possibilities, but chatting with a girl on a dating site is much more different than a real life conversation.

Since girls often have to deal with creepy stalkers, sociopaths, and perverts, even the slightest mistake that you make will endanger your relationship with the girl you like.

You need to be smooth, natural, and honest. If you want to learn the basic moves and steps that will help you to impress a girl on a dating site, stick around and check out these tips.

Carefully Read Her Profile Description Before You Send A Message

This is the very first thing you should do when you find someone you like on a dating website. You must not send the first message before you read about the things this girl likes and, more importantly, dislikes. You’ll be caught in a trap and you will definitely make the wrong move.

So, be patient and read her entire profile description. Learn about her hobbies, music taste, favorite movies, books, and her general interests. That way you’ll be able to find something you two have in common and start a conversation using your mutual interests.

It would be best if you could start the first message with a funny reference from her favorite movie or a book because in a sea of boring messages filled with cliché pick-up lines, yours will stand out and she will notice it.

Compliment More Than Just Her Looks

Girls are tired of receiving compliments that are based just on physical appearance. Of course, it’s flattering and it feels good, but if you praise only her good looks, she won’t be interested in you. So, you need to focus on other things as well.

For example, you should compliment her taste in music, movies, books, and TV Shows. Compliment her way of thinking. That way she’ll realize that you’re not just any other guy who wants to get in her pants.

If you feel like you have to admire her looks, that’s ok, but make sure to give her an individual compliment. Don’t just say that she’s cute, she heard that one a thousand times. Say that you love her dreamy eyes, skin, lips, or hair. Be specific, she will appreciate it.

Be A Gentleman And Let Her Talk About Herself

Sometimes, when you’re excited, it’s hard to notice that you’re talking too much about yourself and that you’re not letting the girl get a word. You must be careful, that kind of behavior will quickly drive her away.

You need to let her speak about herself. Ask her a lot of questions about her because she will appreciate you interest in her. Oh, and most importantly, listen to her, because later you’ll have a chance to use the information she gave you about herself to your advantage.

Just remember, girls love a good listener, so arm yourself with patience and enjoy your date. Good luck.