7 Signs You’re in A Bad Relationship (And How To Make it Work)

7 signs

Relationships can sometimes be rather complicated and no matter how hard people try to figure out the problem, they simply can’t find what’s causing the downfall of their union until it’s too late.

That’s why we decided to share with you a list of 7 crucial signs that may indicate you’re in a bad relationship and some useful tips that may help you save it.

1. You Feel Drained And Tired After Seeing Your Partner

This is one of the most alarming indicators that there is something wrong with your relationship. When you’re happily in love, you feel fresh and full of energy after seeing your significant other, but when you feel drained after spending time with your partner, it’s time for some kind of change.

You need to refresh your relationship. Here’s what you can do:

  • Spice things up – do new and exciting things with your partner
  • Try to restore the friendship with your partner
  • Don’t hide your feelings, honesty is key

2. If You Start To Resent Your Partner It’s Time For A Panic Button

If all those things you once found lovable about your companion now annoy you, well, that is a sign something went wrong. If you start resenting your partner rather than loving and supporting him/her, it’s time for a fresh start. Talk to your significant other immediately.

3. Your Partner Is Jealous Of Your Other Contacts And Friendships

This is probably the most common problem in long-term relationships and it’s caused by two things – insecurity and lack of trust. You need to talk and assure your partner that he or she has nothing to worry about. Introducing your lover to your friends usually, does the trick.

4. You Are Losing Your Self-Esteem

If your partner makes you feel worthless it’s time for a serious talk. Being a couple means you’re a team, partners in crime. Therefore, you need to be there for your lover, whatever it takes.

In order to make your partner feel confident, you must:

  • Support your partner no matter what
  • Encourage your lover
  • Listen better and try to understand your partner

5. Snooping Around Is A Bad Sign!

This is also one of the most common indicators of bad relationships. Lack of trust is a serious thing and it may force some people to spy on their partners.

Nothing good can come from snooping, always remember that. If you’re having trust issues, you need to confront your partner and have a long and honest conversation.

6. You Can’t Be Yourself Around Your Partner

If this ever happens it’s definitely time for some kind of a drastic change. Not being able to be yourself with your significant other is a huge problem. If you’re forced to be fake in order to keep your relationship going, you’re definitely in a toxic relationship.

You need to:

  • Re-evaluate your friendship
  • Start over, remember why you love each other
  • Give each other freedom

7. You’re Constantly Remembering The Past Feelings

Being nostalgic every once in a while is perfectly normal, but if all you do is reminiscing about the good old days, your relationship may be going through a rough patch.

You need to focus on the present and start repairing your relationship so you can once again feel the things you felt before. Don’t dwell on the past and don’t give up.