5 Reasons Why Online Dating Takes The Cake In India


Indian online daters definitely know what’s what!

There are a lot of good sides to online dating and people all over the world are taking full advantage of it, especially the lovely people in India. If you’ve been pondering on this issue, here are 5 main reasons behind the Indian online dating phenomenon.

1. Endless Options

Indian singles are no longer bound to their own acquaintances, and acquaintances of their acquaintances. Thanks to dating sites and apps, everyone who’s feeling a bit lonely can sign up, make a profile and find someone who truly suits them.

Thousands, even millions of Indian singles are now using an online dating service of some kind!

They’re either liking, flirting, scrolling or swiping, and they are enjoying every moment of it because they finally have an option worthy of them!

Prior to online dating, Indian singles had two choices: an arranged marriage, or settling for someone in their town or village (even if they don’t meet their criteria).

2. Approachability

An Indian single can chat up anyone he or she likes in a matter of seconds, just as long he or she has Internet access.

Even if they don’t have a connection at home, they could always opt for:

  • internet cafes
  • classic social facilities of any kind
  • the data network on their smart phone

Also, online dating services offer their clients a chance to get to know the person before meeting them in real life, which saves a lot of time.

3. Easy Breezy Dating

Not only does it save time, but online dating also takes out the stress out of the whole thing, at least a little bit.

If you’ve taken the time to get to know the person of your interest (and vice versa) there’s little to none awkwardness left when you two actually meet in the real world.

That way both of you can be yourselves without being afraid that you’ll say or do something stupid (which only results in actually saying and doing something stupid).

4. Swimming In The Same Pool

There are dozens of different types of online dating services, and more are being created as we speak. Whoever you are, whatever you’re into, and whomever you’re looking for – It doesn’t matter, because you can be sure that there’s a site for you out there!

You can choose from dating services that cater to:

  • people who are looking to get married
  • people who want to date and meet new people
  • seniors who are single
  • divorced people
  • middle-aged single people, etc.

As long as you’re swimming in the right dating pool for you, you can be sure that you’ll find someone suitable for you, and thus avoid getting hurt.

5. Instant Gratification

Although a lot of people argue that online dating has stolen the romance out of our lives, they can’t deny the fact that it has given us something valuable in return: instant gratification.

You can get a response from the person of your interest in a matter of seconds. And it will be an honest one, whether it’s positive or negative, since people tend to be more truthful on online dating services when compared to real life.

He or she may not like you back, but at least you’ll know the truth as soon as you get the courage to act on your feelings!