3 Simple Ways To Make Your Online Dating Profile A Slam Dunk


In the world of online dating, your profile is like pure gold. Its value is so high that it literally can make or break a deal for you.

People all over India who use online dating sites know that their profile is the single most important thing on the quest to finding a soulmate.

Still, it doesn’t hurt to go over several aspects that are crucial for creating and maintaining a killer online dating profile that is sure to land you plenty of dates day in and day out.

Tip #1: Profile Picture Is Key

The critics of online dating argue that this form of interaction is like picking a mail order bride from a catalogue because essentially that’s what the users are doing – browsing through the profiles of potential candidates, or in this case, dates.

You can definitely say there is some truth to this argument, but that doesn’t mean online dating isn’t worth the time and effort.

Nevertheless, your profile picture that other users see as they browse through the member base is what either attracts them or turns them off.

In order to find success in online dating, you need to have a clear head shot as a profile picture that best depicts your personality, lifestyle, and preferably the type of person you’re looking for.

In all likelihood, your potential dates have similar tastes and desires, so if you’re outdoorsy, for instance, and want to attract like-minded people, your head shot will be taken somewhere outside on a hiking or cycling trip.

Tip #2: Out With The Old, In With The New

Keeping your online dating profile fresh is another thing that will make sure you get more dates than everybody else.

Changing your profile picture regularly means posting a new one once a week so that the users see many different aspects of your personality and everyday life.

The same goes for the information that you share with others on your profile.

Your about section needs to be updated every once in a while so the users have something new to read, revealing bits and pieces of your life that you want to share with others.

Tip #3: Fun To Read Information

In order to make your online dating profile stand out in the sea of other profiles, the information that you post needs to be engaging and fun to read.

‘I live to travel and have barbecue on the weekends with friends’ is something that every other user will write on their profile.

You speak 4 languages? Make sure everybody knows that! Been to Mongolia more than once? Say so!

Have a Master’s degree in comparative literature and biology? People want to know that! Have 5 siblings? Now that’s some interesting information!

Think about the ways how you can attract visitors to your page, and the host site will definitely reward you with plenty of traffic once you start to get lots of hits on your profile.

This increase in traffic will definitely result in more dates and a high chance of finding a partner sooner.